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New Features & Redesigned App

We are happy to announce that we've completely redesigned our web app and added more features and functionality in our system. It's our biggest update since we launched and we are happy to share how it benefits you.


Google Maps Locations

Now you can send your customers an actual Google Maps location in the same way that you would in the WhatsApp native app. It's more intuitive and visually appealing.

How to use it? Send your meeting point preview, and don't let anyone ever again get lost.

Send Pictures, Videos, and PDFs

Send naturally embedded content in your messages and communicate more than just text with pictures, videos and PDFs.

How to use it? Send itineraries, previews of their upcoming activity, pictures of their meeting location, recommendations of other tours, and "know-before-you-go" information in customer's preferred files.

Personalize Postcards For Every Product

Ask customers to send you a picture and send them back a postcard that specifically relates to their tour.

How to use it? Have a different postcard for your tour to the "Sagrada Familia" and a different one for the "Flamenco" tour. Customers are more likely to engage with personalized content.

Test Before You Send in Any Language

Wondering how your message will be like in different languages? Or how it will look after you stylize it in bold or italics?

Worry no more, as you can now send yourself a test directly from the platform in any language and see it exactly as your customer will.

And there's more...

  • Redesigned User Interface.

  • Copy a template message to all products at once.

  • See all bookings that we have received through your connection in real time.

  • See if bookings came in with a valid phone number or not.

  • See the information that came through the connection for every booking.


If you are a current customer and would like to know how to take advantage of these features or if you are a tour operator that is looking to get started, click here to schedule a call.



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