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Features That Adapt to Your Business

This is an example of how a conversation with your customer might happen. However, keep in mind that everything here is customizable. From the text to the timing, every business is different.

5 minutes after a booking comes in...

Booking Confirmations
  • Gives your customer peace of mind
  • Reduces the amount of questions
  • Enhances your brand

By providing your customers with the most important information right after they book, many questions can be prevented.

Customers who book through OTAs or third-parties don't actually know who is the local operator until the activity starts. Prevent that by putting your name front and center.


Different than email, when you receive an SMS you immediately know that you will receive faster customer support. Now they know they're not alone.

2 days before the activity...

This is customizable
Reminders & Important Info
  • No more late or lost customers

Customers don't like regular addresses. Send them the exact location where they need to go and prevent late arrivals from customers who just can't find the meeting point.

  • Less time confirming pick-up points
  • Get customers excited with content 

Maybe you want to send them a picture of how the meeting point looks like? A video to get them excited or an "all-you-need-to-know before you come" PDF? You can send that too.

Chatbot Response!

If you pick-up customeres from hotels, this is a good opportunity to ask them to reconfirm their pick-up or send them a link where they can choose that pick-up location if they haven't done so yet.

And / Or
Safety Measures & Waivers
  • Automatic waiver requests

Whether you are already working with a waiver generator or if you're using your own, you can use this opportunity to send the link to your customers where they can sign it.

  • Disclose your Safety Measures

Temperature checks, face masks, and social distancing. Let them know ahead of time to smoothen the process.

Do customers need to bring comfortable shoes to your activity? Maybe a towel? Or a jacket? Let them know ahead of time here.

  • "What to bring" reminders
Chatbot Response!

1 day before the activity...

  • Recommend other activities you offer

Yes, your customers who've booked through OTAs will get these messages too. We'll also give you the option of creating a completely different text depending on what OTA referred this customer so that you don't violate any of their terms.

Chatbot Response!
  • Make extra revenue from your partners

Partner up with other operators, local restaurants, or attractions and promote their businesses among your costumers to get commissions from them as a result of this promotion.

  • Customize the text depending on your OTA partner

Just like Netflix, you can recommend a night tour to someone who's booked a morning tour. Or a beer tour, to someone who's booked a food tour.

And / Or
  • Sell Photo-Packages or Add-ons

Don't wait until customers get there to promote your photo and video services. There's more motivation BEFORE they arrive.

  • Promo codes or gift cards

Encourage a repeated purchase and friend referrals by giving your customers a discount or voucher for their next booking, when they do it DIRECTLY on your website.

Chatbot Response!
Fact: On average, 7% of customers will book another activity as a result of this message

1 hour into the activity

This is customizable
Social Media Engagement
  • Ask customers to tag you on their pictures and videos

The best way to get free marketing is having people tag you on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook stories or posts. In order to do that, they need to know your handle or have your profiles handy.

Chatbot Response!
  • Promote your Wi-Fi password 
  • Ask tips on behalf of tour guides

1 day after the activity

This is customizable
Review Generation
  • Ask them to rate you first

Not everyone will take the time to post a review anyways so this is a great way to REAL customer feedback and come up with your NPS (Net Promoters Score).

  • Get more reviews on your favorite platform

If they rate you positively, you can ask these customers to post a review on Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, TrustPilot or your own website.

Or if they rate you negatively 😞...
Reputation Management
  • Reach customers at the right time

The faster you reach out to customers who have a complaint, the easier it will be to handle their frustration and prevent them from damaging your reputation online.

  • Let customers find you

There's a time for a chatbot and there's a time where customers will just want to speak to a human. If that's the case, let them know how to reach you.

Every text is customizable too

At any point if something unexpected happens...

Broadcast Message
Broadcast Messages.png
  • Send a text to all customers booked for an specific PRODUCT

Is one of your products affected by things like a venue closing down? Or maybe the route to get there just closed down? You can let your customers know about this in advance by sending them a text.

  • Send a text to all customer booked for an specific DATE

Do you have customers booked on a date where you know that the city will be chaotic? Or maybe something happened in the city that day and you want to let your customers know how this will affect their activity? Send them a text.

At any point if your customer has a question...

Smart Chatbot
  • Automated answers to questions 24/7

Customers expect fast answers even when they are not in your same time zone. Waiting time increases decreases customer satisfaction and increases the probabilities of cancellation.

Chatbot Screen TourOpp.png
  • Configurable responses per product

Not all products will have the same pick-ups, will have the same duration, will include the same perks, or will have the same cancellation policies. Our system will provide the right answers depending on what product your customers have booked.

  • Acts like a natural conversation

Our chatbot is constantly trained by the interactions of thousands of travelers, and powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) to respond to your customers' questions, no matter how they ask those.

Fact: Responds to 72% of questions
Booking Confimations
Social Media Engagement
Review Generaton
Reminders & Impotant Info
Broadcast Message
Reputation Management

Fully automated by connecting to any Reservation System:

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and many more, just ask!

And to make it even better, all features are also:


Automatically Multilingual


Fully Customizable


GDPR Complaint


Compatible with OTA bookings

Your Tour Business Can Fly


More reviews on TripAdvisor or Google

Automated recommendations

Less time answering questions


Less cancellations

More interactions on social media

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