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You don't believe us. "This tool can't really be that good", right?

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What You Will Be "Booking" (It's just a simulation and it's free)

We've created a "Demo" tour in one of the reservation systems that we connect to and put a widget on this site so that you can see what happens if you were booking this tour.

Tour: London City Tour

Date & Time: Runs every day at 9:00 AM


Meeting Point: Big Ben, London

Duration: 4 Hours

Tour Operator: TourOpp

What Happens After You Book?

You will start getting the following set of messages during the next 45 minutes with explanations for each message in italics:

  1. Confirmation: Five (5) minutes after booking you will get the first message confirming your tour and asking if you agree to receive these bookings. Do it fast, to get the other messages!

  2. Waiver Signature: If you agreed to receive these messages, 15 minutes after booking, we'll ask you to sign a waiver for this tour. 

  3. Itinerary Details: After 5 minutes, we'll pretend your tour date is approaching and send you some itinerary details and tell you what to bring.

  4. Tour Upgrade: After 5 minutes, we'll pretend that your tour is in two days so you will get a message suggesting to upgrade your booking to the "Premium" experience of that tour.

  5. Tour Reminder:  After 5 minutes, we'll pretend your tour is set for tomorrow and send you a reminder to be there on time with the location of the meeting point.

  6. Social Media: After 5 minutes, we'll pretend your tour has started and ask you to tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

  7. Cross-selling: While the tour is happening, you'll get a message suggesting other tours available in London from this "operator".

  8. Request Reviews: After 5 minutes, we'll pretend your tour is now definitely over and ask if you like it. If you say you did, you will be requested to put a review for us. 

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FAQs for the Free Test.

Will I be charged for this "free" test?

No, you will not be charged. You don't even have to enter your credit card 😊.

Will I have to input my credit card in order to try it?

Not at all. The only thing you will have to enter is your name, email and phone number.

Does it matter what date I choose?

No. In real-life scenario messages would be scheduled according to the date that your customer chooses, but in this case, we will send all messages within a 4-hour time frame.

Can I customize these messages if I were you customer?

Of course, you can customize everything and at any point in time. This is just an example of what you can do. You can also add or remove messages accordingly.


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