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Peek Pro Integration to SMS App

Complement Your Peek Pro Account With SMS Communication

In addition to the features of your Peek Pro account, TourOpp GO! enables you to have the ablity to easily connect and communicate with each and every customer via SMS.

Peek Pro

General Summary

  • SMS Functionality?
    • Sends Automated Messages?
    • Messages Customizable by Product?​​
  • Can Customers Reply?
    • Can See Customer Conversation?​
    • Has 2-Way Messaging?
    • Has Smart Chatbot?
  • Sends International SMS?​​
  • Sends Broadcast SMS?
default template or custom message
booking confirmations & reminders
no available message history
1-way messaging only
for specific product or date

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How The Peek Pro Integration Works

TourOpp pulls information from that booking to send relevant messages to your customer.

TourOpp GO!

TourOpp pulls information from that booking to send relevant messages to your customer.

Peek Pro

Peek Pro

Your Reservation System

OTA's, websites, and offline channels


Websites and offline channels

We assign you a U.S. phone number so that it appears as your brand is the one sending the messages.

Your Brand

We assign you a U.S. phone number so that it appears as your brand is the one sending the messages.

More Reviews

More Reviews!

More Bookings

More Bookings!

More Time

More Time!

Benefits of Connecting your Peek Pro Account

In Other Words...Give your Peek Pro Account


TourOpp gives your restech superpowers!

Booking Confirmation Via SMS 

Enhance your brand by putting your business name front and center when sending communications, prevent confusion and questions by providing customers with pertinent information right after booking, and expedite communication with SMS instead of email messaging.
Peek Pro
TourOpp GO!
booking confirmation SMS
  • Sent through SMS
  • Automatically sent
  • Customize the message per product
  • Customers can opt-in or out

Reminders & Important Information Via SMS

Spend less time confirming pickup locations with an automated SMS that sends your customers the exact location of their booking. This will help to avoid late arrivals or lost travelers and get them excited for their booking with pictures or infographics of what to expect!
TourOpp GO!
  • Sent through SMS

  • Automatically sent

  • Customers can reply with questions

  • Customize the content of the message depending on the product

  • Customize when the message is sent depending on the product

  • Insert Google Maps link for meeting point

  • Send PDF’s, pictures, or videos

Peek Pro
Reminders and important information SMS

Sending Waivers Via SMS 

Whether you are already working with a waiver generator or if you're using your own, you can use this opportunity to send the link to your customers where they can sign it, disclose your saftey measures and requirements, or even tell them what to bring. 
Sending waivers SMS
TourOpp GO!
  • Automatically sent waiver link through SMS
  • Allow customers to ask questions
  • Customize the link or message depending on the product
  • Disclose safety requirements
Peek Pro

Cross-Selling & Up-Selling Via SMS

Just like Netflix, you can recommend a night tour to someone who's booked a morning tour or suggest an upgrade for a full-day tour. We even give you the option to customize the text depending on your OTA partner.
  • Recommend other products or upgrades through SMS

  • Customize recommendations depending on what product they've booked

  • Link back directly to your website

  • Add promo codes

  • Customize the content of the message and when it's sent, depending on the origin

Peek Pro
Cross-selling and up-selling SMS
TourOpp GO!

Engage During The Activity Via SMS

The best way to get free marketing is having people tag you on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook stories or post, so send them your handle. You can also  promote your wifi, and ask for tips for your tour guides.
Social media and promotions SMS
TourOpp GO!
  • Automatically greet your customers when they come in through SMS
  • Ask them to tag you on their Instagram stories
  • Customize how you interact with customers and how they can interact with you
  • Share your Wi-Fi password
  • Share how customers can tip their tour guide
Peek Pro

Review Generation & Reputation Management Via SMS

Ask your customers to rate your first to get customer feedback. If they rate you positively, you can ask these customers to post a review on platforms like Tripadvisor or Google. On the other hand, prevent unhappy customers from damaging your reputation online by telling them how to reach a human. 
Review generation and reputation management SMS
  • Automatically ask customers for a rating from 1-5 via SMS

  • Customers can reply with an internal review

  • Send direct link to post review, if positive

  • Customize where you want your reviews

  • Send them your phone or email, if they rate negatively

TourOpp GO!
Peek Pro

Smart Chatbot SMS Messaging

Our smart chatbot can send automated answers to questions 24/7, depending on what product your customers have booked. Better yet, it our chatbot acts like a natural conversation responding to customers' questions, no matter how they ask.
Smart chatbot SMS
TourOpp GO!
  • 24/7 automated responses via SMS

  • Fully customizable answers depending on the product

  • AI-chatbot emulates natural conversation

Peek Pro

Broadcast Message Via SMS

Send a text to all customers for a specific product and/or date. Whether it be due to bad weather or simply a street closure, they'll need want to know With our broadcast message you can let your customers know ahead of time by sending them a text at the same time.
Broadcast message SMS
TourOpp GO!
  • Send an SMS to customers for a specific product on a specific date
  • Customer can reply
  • Fully customize your outgoing message to your specific need​​
  • Select which customers should receive the SMS or all contacts
Peek Pro

Supercharge Your Peek Pro Account With TourOpp GO!

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