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Swell Alternative for Tour & Attraction Operators

Switch to TourOpp GO! and get solutions for YOUR business, not just a review generation tool.

We were tour and activity operators ourselves and we created a company made to serve the travel industry and its exclusive needs.

Why choose TourOpp over Swell?

We have created a platform with features designed to solve your problems and made to automate your daily tasks. 

Conclusion on why Tour & Activity Operators should consider TourOpp over Swell

Swell is an advanced tool to collect and manage customer experience feedback. According to Crunchbase, the company was founded in 2016 and has raised $10.5 million USD. 

They operate in industries such as dental, automotive, retail, veterinary, finance and also tourism. They have built a robust software that allows businesses to get more reviews and manage your online reputation easily. 

In contrast, TourOpp GO! is a fully automated messaging platform for tour and activity operators WITH a review generation tool component.  What that means is that we can do a LOT MORE than just generate reviews for your business.  

As you may have noticed already,
Swell is not solely focused on tour companies or even travel companies for that matter. 


As a result of not being focused in the travel industry, it is highly unlikely that they will be able to provide you with the same amount of features we are, because we've designed this product SPECIFICALLY for tour and activity operators.


If you use their platform, and provided that you are connected to one of their two reservation systems in the tours and activities industry they are integrated with, you will be able to automatically ask customers for reviews via SMS.

You will then be able to manage and respond to Google reviews from their platform, have one-on-one conversations with your customers, and even send SMS marketing campaigns to past customers (through templates). 

However, these messages won't be sent automatically, you won't be able to customize these automated messages depending on the product they've booked or have a chatbot respond to your customers.



Well, because most 
businesses (like Dental Clinics) don't require this level of customization.


However, in the tours & activities industry you can't send the same messages to someone who's booked a food tour in the day, that to someone who's taking a bar crawling tour at night. You won't be able send the different recommendations to someone who's booked your tour on TripAdvisor vs. someone who's booked on your website.

Different to a Dental Clinic, you probably will have international customers coming in at some point, and you want to make sure you send them messages in their own language.

Now, obviously they have some very nice features going on for them and a very clean and powerful dashboard. However, because you are not their sole target market they will hardly build tools and features that are adapted for the travel industry.

See what you can do with TourOpp GO!

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