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Awards 2022

The 2022 TourOpp GO! Awards  reveal insights into traveler experiences with our sofware data throughout the past year, uncovering travelers' appreciation to your personalized customer service. With consumers increasingly conscious of detail-oriented customer service experience, we believe it is important to recognize our client's excellence in their customer performance.   

Best Rated Operator

This award should be celebrated with pride because it truly shows what a great experience your customers are having with you. We made sure the award was fairly nominated, our best rated operator award was measured using the internal ratings (ranging from 1 to 5) they provide as feedback after their activity. 

Best Reviewed Operator

Reviews give consumers insight into the quality of the tour you offer through customers experiences. It is in many ways the measurement of your costumers' satisfaction. Getting a good review is hard, so we have to applaud those who managed to get the highest score in this category. To do this, we analyzed all of our customers' reviews in Google and TripAdvisor, and created an average rate formula to obtain the final score. 



Most creative SMS Marketing Campaign

It is no secret that personalization boosts customer satisfaction. This is why we are so proud to announce the winners to this category. Our most creative SMS marketing campaign nominees were the tour and activity operators that best took advantage of our automated messages by personalizing them to its limits. 

Best Cross Selling Campaign

Travelers like local recommendations. Using SMS marketing to promote your activities or that of others is good for your business and also for travelers. The winners of this award were chosen on how effective their cross-selling campaigns were throughout 2022. To do this, we measured the % of clicks you got on your recommendation links vs. the number of bookings you had this year. 

Operator With The Most Engaged Customers

Customer engagement is directly correlated to how strong the emotional connection between your customers and your brand is. Getting customers to interact with your business before they arrive is no easy task, so we applaud those most effective at it. Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty. This is the greatest reflection of your customers satisfaction. The winners of this award resulted from the conversational data we gathered between your customers and your TourOpp GO! account.

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