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Annoucing: TourOpp GO!

For the past two years, has worked with tour operators in 120 different destinations to promote the empty spaces on their tours, and therefore, maximize their revenue and occupation.

By doing this, our team has effectively accomplished its mission to provide more bookings and reduce the costs of tour operators around the world through the use of technology. However, in this process we've identified four common struggles that 99% of tour operators have and that no OTA or reservation system is able to solve properly these days:

  1. How much time tour operators spend answering the same questions over and over to customers who don't read tour descriptions and other details.

  2. How hard it is to get reviews from customers.

  3. How few, and usually bad, pictures tour operators have to promote their business on OTAs, website and social media.

  4. How hard it is to up-sell or cross-sell tours (aka. sell more tours to people who have already booked a tour).

Some tour operators try to solve these struggles using email communication, but the statistics show that less than 10% of emails are opened after the booking confirmation is sent. Some tour operators rely on their tour guides to accomplish a few of these things, but we know tour guides are meant to provide an experience, not to be salespeople.

The Solution

Our team has been working extensively for the past 7 months in developing a solution that would solve these struggles. We turned to the most-used app in the World: WhatsApp. 4.4 billion people have it on their phones and it's the most direct bi-directional way to communicate with customers.

With all that's happening these days - tour operators trying to cut on costs, get more bookings, automate their businesses - there is no better time to announce our new line of business, TourOpp GO!

It's an automated messaging platform and smart chatbot for tour operators that connects to your preferred reservation system. TourOpp GO! will deliver on-time WhatsApp messages of any type (text, images, locations, or documents) to your customers, regardless of where they booked (OTAs, website, or offline agents) and answer your frequently asked questions, without any human help.

Most tour operators will use this to send automated booking confirmations, reminders, requests for reviews, requests for pictures, and suggestions of other tours. But everything, even the chatbot, is customizable per client.

You will have the possibility of customizing the number of messages to be sent and, of course, the content, even per product. For example, tour operators can choose to send a booking reminder 15 minutes before for "Tour A", but 30 minutes before for "Tour B", or to no send it all. Once everything is set up, you can sit and relax. Sure, you can make changes at any point in your dashboard, but this is not another system that you will have to worry about constantly. The idea is to reduce the amount of work you have, not add to it.

We will connect the phone number that you provide us, so you will be in control of your branding (putting your logo in there and your tour operators' name). Because of this, you will also have access at any point to the messages being delivered and if you want to start a human conversation with your clients at any point, you can also do that. The system can deliver these messages in two different languages, according the country code of the phone number. For example, if you are a tour operator in Australia, you can set the system so that it delivers messages in English if your client has a phone number from England, but deliver them in Spanish if it's a customer from Mexico.

A "No-Brainer"

With the help of TourOpp GO! tour operators, on average, are making $1,440 USD more per month in new bookings (the benefits cross-selling) and they are spending 37% less time on customer service.

We are excited to start working with tour operators now and schedule a free demo to talk about how this system can help you automate your business for when you start operating again. If you see value, we are happy to set up the whole system for you with no strings attached. No contracts, no credit cards, until you are ready to operate again. And when you are ready to operate again, we still give you a 30-day free trial so that you can actually see how much value this brings to your business. If you would like to get started, just click here.

Do you have questions? Feel free to comment below or send it to us at

Cheers! - The TourOpp Team



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