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Features That Adapt to Your Business

If we were to enlist all of the things you can do with these system for every operator, we would need more space, but here's a few of the most popular things our clients use this for.

Booking Confirmation & Reminders


  • Automatic booking confirmations
  • Automatic tour reminders 
  • Send locations, pictures, and documents (like your vouchers)
Confirmation and Reminder GIF NOT reduce

Your team spends too much time responding the same questions everyday. Automate the answers customers are looking for, regardless of where those bookings came from (OTA? Website? It doesn't matter).

Health & Safety Information

Make sure your customers have peace of mind about their health and safety by informing them about the measures and protocols you are taking during the tour or activity.


  • Inform customers about protocols
  • Remind them if they need to bring something
  • Less cancellations or no shows.
Health & Safety Protocols GIF.gif

Up-selling & Cross-Selling

Suggestions GIF Not reduced.gif


  • More direct bookings at zero cost
  • Offer add-ons or upgrades
  • Recommend customers other tours

Increase your revenue and occupation at NO COST by offering more tour options to your future customers and direct them to your website or your partners' websites for booking!


  • More content for you at no cost
  • More social mentions & interactions
  • Offer perks or discounts for upselling

You need more pictures for your website, social media & OTA partners. This can be provided by customers at no cost. PLUS, you can get organic mentions & interactions on social media thanks to this simple tool.

Turn Pictures into Postcards

Postcard GIF Not reduced.gif

Contactless Tips for Tour Guides

Tips for Tour Guides GIF.gif


  • Allow customers to give tips to tour guides using their credit card or PayPal
  • Put the safety of your staff first

After the COVID-19 crisis, travelers will not be carrying cash but they will still want to show their gratitude if they had a good experience during their tour.

Real-Time Surveys & Reviews


  • Get real-time feedback from customers
  • Get more reviews on TripAdvisor
Reviews GIF Not reduced.gif
  • Automated and truthful surveys

If everything goes right, customers get your TripAdvisor profile to write a review. If not, you'll get real-time feedback, which means higher chances of making things better.

Smart Chatbot

Chatbot GIF Not Reduced.gif


  • Automatic answers to questions
  • Configurable responses per tour
  • Compliment with real-human support

Your team can be focusing on more than just answering the same questions all the time. This chatbot is able to take care of that for you so you can put your team to respond to more complex issues, if needed.

Pictures into Postcards
Surveys & Reviews
Tips for Tour Guides
Health & Safety Info

Fully automated by connecting to any Reservation System:

PeekPro Logo.png

and many more, just ask!

And to make it even better, all features are also:


Automatically Multilingual


Fully Customizable


GDPR Complaint


Compatible with OTA bookings

Your Tour Business Can Fly

Less time answering questions

More pictures for OTAs & website

More reviews on TripAdvisor or Google

Automatic tour recommendations

More interactions on social media

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